Who We Are

A nonprofit organization based in Syracuse, New York, Chadwick Residence relies on the support of volunteers and donations to serve women at risk with housing assistance both on our premises and in the community.

Chadwick Residence is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that welcomes homeless women and their children. Unlike emergency shelters that provide temporary housing, Chadwick Residence offers longer term housing at our main building and through our Supported Apartment program.

 Our Approach

We help our residents achieve their goals of independent living and permanent housing through a combination of services and learning. The training and education focuses on employment skills, continuing education and practical life management principles.

The Residence Program

The Residence operates 24 hours a day to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for women in our program. We offer a variety of services to residents that help them develop a solid foundation and move forward to make significant life changes.

Women are referred to Chadwick Residence by shelters, other agencies or individuals in the community. Upon entering the program, a woman sets goals and begins to make plans for the future. Each woman is responsible for paying rent, cooking meals, participating in house activities like weekly meetings, chores and case management counseling. A woman coming to Chadwick Residence must make a commitment to work toward her stated goals and participate in programs appropriate to her abilities and needs.

In-house programs offered to the women are directed toward learning, parenting skills and independent living skills. The women are also expected to work on educational/vocational goals which may include improved literacy, job readiness, completing her GED or pursuing higher education.

The women and children have their own bedrooms, but share kitchens, bathrooms and lounges. Participants can remain in the program for up to two years.

 Supported Apartment Program

When a woman successfully completes her program at the Residence or is already capable of living more independently in an apartment, she may apply to move into one of our Supported Apartments.

They are located in various neighborhoods in the community. The women and families living in the apartments continue to benefit from Chadwick Residence programs and services.