How We Help

The community setting at Chadwick Residence encourages women to develop as individuals mentally, physically and socially. Our organization assists each woman by identifying their goals to develop a Service Plan, which focuses on developing independent living skills.

With the help of volunteers, corporate partners and staff, Chadwick Residence offers numerous training programs that improve life, parenting and professional skills.

Our case managers provide daily guidance and connect residents with outside services and support groups addressing mental health issues, substance abuse and other challenges.

Chadwick Residence also provides a one-on-one tutor/mentor program to assist with earning a GED, vocational certification or college degree. We partner with the Syracuse University HEOP program to offer a tuition-free college education.

Staff members guide residents through the apartment or house hunting process and provide training for basic household maintenance as well as interaction with landlords and neighbors.

Case managers support residents during their stays and continue to guide them once they’ve moved to a residence in the greater Syracuse community.

A vital part of helping the women at Chadwick Residence is building a solid set of employment skills. This includes a wide range of education and training designed to prepare residents to enter successfully into jobs in a variety fields.