Continuing Education

In the process of helping women live, learn and grow, education is an essential element of success for residents. Building a solid foundation of learning empowers our women to grow into a new career. In addition, a solid education builds confidence, which can make a world of difference in the lives of women in our program.

High School/GED

Earning a high school diploma or GED has been proven time and again to be a decisive stepping-stone in building a career. It forms the basis of future educational opportunities and, paired with the right experience, prepares people for moving up the ladder of success.

Vocational Training

Many professions, trades and crafts require specialized training. With the proper vocational training, residents can prepare to for jobs and careers in skilled trades.

College Education

A college education is the aspiration of so many who desire a fulfilling and enriching career. It can unlock a host of opportunities for those who earn it. Our residents are presented with the opportunity to pursue their career dreams by participating in the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) at Syracuse University.

 The program offers:
  • Academic support
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Financial assistance for tuition, books and parking

The chance to earn a college degree can make a world of difference to a person looking to move in the direction of their dreams. The HEOP program is something we hope our residents can take advantage of to the fullest.