Employment Skills Training

Job Readiness

We want residents to be well prepared to enter the job market and start on new career paths. That means getting the training needed for seeking and landing the job and navigating the workplace effectively.

Guest speakers from the community make presentations on topics to help them achieve their new career goals. Topics cover a wide variety of issues, including understanding sexual harassment in the workplace, developing interview skills, and managing the move from public assistance to employment.

Career Advancement

Studies consistently show that education plays a big part in career advancement. A Bureau of Labor Statistics study showed that education makes a big difference in weekly earnings.

That’s why Chadwick Residence supports and encourages residents who are seeking a GED, vocational certification or college degree. We provide internet access and tutoring.

College Degree

The key part of our program provides residents with the exciting opportunity to gain a valuable college education in the Syracuse University HEOP program. The program offers:

  • Academic support
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Financial assistance for tuition, books and parking

This higher education program allows residents to pursue a degree in a field of study that will bring them closer to the kind of careers they want.